Things We Have Done

advanced analytics

From unique analysis tools to world class simulators

Our unique Duo™ MaxDiff analysis looks at multiple dimensions simultaneously in order to understand the shifting variables that affect your business and to identify the best prospects for growth. It gets the most out of a MaxDiff design.

Barrier MaxDiff identifies and prioritizes why consumers do NOT do something.

WOW! Studies will identify elements that make a respondent say WOW! rather than just a purchase.

Deep Dive Picture Association leverages the non-verbal part of the brain by sorting images in an image carousel.

Intuitive Mapping Tools asks respondents to drop icons of brands, products and or images on a map to reveal relationships.

Messaging Conjoint or Discrete Choice Modeling uses highly complex designs along with product development techniques to optimize and focus messaging.

Also, unique to StrateSci, we can provide you with a "World Class" Simulator based on the data and analysis from your project. These simulators can give probable real-life reactions to any future changes that you decide to make.