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Why Choose StrateSci?


Advanced Analytics

More than just numbers, StrateSci's advanced analytical capabilities can turn data into business insights. With decades of experience in custom studies ranging from Segmentation and Conjoint Analysis to Big Data, our team can select the best technique to provide actionable results. Our experts are knowledgeable on both traditional statistical techniques as well as data mining and machine learning methods. Discrete Choice Modeling, Life Time Value, Bayesian Networks, Logistic Regression, and Perceptual Mapping, are just a few of the techniques we have used to help clients answer key business questions.


Creative, Custom Solutions

StrateSci believes in research designed around your products and services, tailored to your target market, and focused on your business needs. If we can't find the perfect analytical technique for you, we'll create it. Our custom designs use proven strategies to maximize data impact. StrateSci is able to create innovative techniques, as well as use existing methodologies in unique ways in order to address complex business problems. At StrateSci, we do not simply apply a cookie-cutter technique to your business questions. Bring us your business challenges, and see what we can create for you.


Knowledgeable Innovations

Here to serve, StrateSci's team comes with hands on experience of business world decision-making, along with extensive knowledge of statistical methodology and technique, plus a psychological understanding of consumer behavior. With this expertise, we create new ways of using old tools. For example, our unique Duo™ MaxDiff analysis is a multi-dimensional approach to understanding the shifting variables that affect your business and identifying best prospects for growth. No matter what the numbers say, our team has the know-how to turn data into business sense.